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Where Is Home? Summer School

Thursday 13 August 2015

July saw State of Emergency delivering a three week summer School in collaboration with CalArts in Los Angeles around the themes of our international performance project ‘Where is Home?’
Many thanks to our choreographers Vicki Uchenna Igbokwe and Alesandra Vocab Seutin and LA based choreographer Francesca Penzani for giving the students a fantastic experience and creating a mini version of Where is Home? which was performed at the end of the three weeks.
We also made a connection with the legendary Debbie Allen from Fame, whose summer school was taking place in the same venue and we were delighted that one of our choreographers, Vicki Igbokwe was able to deliver a Masterclass to her advanced students. Many thanks also to the Disney Foundation who funded the CalArts Summer School. Photos are (c) 2015 Daniel Spencer.