State of Emergency has been creating high quality dance, theatre and music for over thirty years. As a producer in its own right, and also as an advocate for artists and performers, State of Emergency has established a national and international reputation.

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

State of Emergency

"Fantastic. Life affirming. Light and dark. Fabulously talented. State of Emergency always produce high quality shows - so high." Edson Burton, Writer

"A breath of fresh air. Good to see a company who are not the usual suspects performing at Edinburgh Fringe." James Mackenzie, Artistic Director, ZOO Venues

Where Is Home?
“Truly, in the best possible way, it is a show that you watch with your heart and not your head. Thoughts are bypassed and it speaks straight to your soul.” Katherine Alcock, The Prickle

"Where Is Home? is a brave exploration of togetherness, fellowship and love." Asterope Tia Chatzinikola, London Dance

Desert Crossings

“Maqoma and his collaborators, including the composer Steve Marshall and an admirable cast of five, aspire to heights and depths from which bigger but more timidly conceived performances might shy away. Desert Crossings remains a sensory pleasure.” Donald Hutera, The Times

“Rarely have I witnessed a dance piece so unforgiving in the energy it demands, yet the performers are ceaseless in their commitment, intensity and passionate articulation of the choreography.” Sarah Wilkinson, The Stage


Proud to announce we’re directing a new show, ‘In Colour’ for the amazing Swing Circus. It’s set in a club in 1930s New York, a place where dreams and nightmares come true. ‘In Colour’ combines swing and vernacular jazz dance with circus arts and a very cool soundtrack. Funded by Arts Council England.

Another new project, ‘Coleridge Unbound’ brings together choreographers Bawren Tavaziva, Keisha Grant, Michael Joseph, Kay Crook and SOE AD Deborah Baddoo to examine the Romantic poet’s stand against slavery in the early 1800s. Thanks again to Arts Council England.


We’re also moving into phase 2 of our 'Remembering Windrush' New Composition project with musicians Alan Weekes, Michael ‘Bammi’ Rose, Kenrick Rowe, Mikele Montolli and SOE MD Steve Marshall. With thanks to Church Urban Fund and PRS Foundation Open Fund for Organisations.

Delighted too that 'Where Is Home? our highly successful international project is back up and running, this time in a community setting, working with schools and a care home in West Somerset. Special thanks to Education Specialist Rebecca Seymour for creating an educational programme based on the story. Funded by HPC and Somerset Community Fund.

Did you know we directed the creation of Edson Burton’s Anansi and the Grand Prize at The Old Vic in Bristol in July 2019? It was great to re-establish ourselves as a directing team thanks to Edson, Ruth Ramsay, Winston Pyke (Anansi) and all the cast. For more info check this short film by 8th Sense Media.

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Mission Possible: Dadz & Ladz Move

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