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Coleridge Unbound

With the kind support of Arts Council England, Bath Preservation Trust, Beckford Tower Trust, Somerset Film, The Friends of Coleridge, Alfoxton House, The Unitarian Chapel Taunton and The Museum of Somerset, State of Emergency presents an original site-specific performance concept inspired by poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge's stance as an abolitionist, and the history of slavery and rebellion. The dancers are Deborah Baddoo, Bawren Tavaziva, Michael Joseph and Kay Crook with music by Steve Marshall. Photos by Richard Budd.

Performance Film

In this film, the full outdoor performance of Coleridge Unbound at Alfoxton House, Bridgwater, Somerset is presented along with film extracts created during R&D. The live dance is accompanied by films of landscape and nature shot on location in the Quantock Hills and along the neighbouring coast, some of Coleridge's favourite places. The performance presents four individuals whose spirits return from late eighteenth century Jamaica to seek justice. The themes are death, rebirth and purification.

Coleridge Unbound at Alfoxton House

Coleridge Unbound at Alfoxton House

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Interviews with Deborah Baddoo, Steve Marshall, Bawren Tavaziva, Michael Joseph, Kay Crook and Amy Frost of Bath Preservation Trust recorded at Beckford Tower, Bath by Somerset Film during the making of the Coleridge Unbound art film, and mid way through the creation periodfor the performances. These films give valuable insights into the artistic process and the ideas behind the work, the deep connection between the artists and the history, and the relevance of such a project to the present day.