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The Jingle Dress

A dance and music performance for young children, choreographed by Adesola Akinleye, which celebrates ‘being who you are’ and ‘finding your own special path’. Inspired by Native American beliefs, the show reveals to children that everyone has their own special gifts, inherited from the people and places around them. A jingle dress is a traditional Native American dress, covered in bells that make a sound along with the movement of the body.

Adesola’s work as a performer and choreographer has been seen in Europe, the Caribbean and North America (Dance Theatre of Harlem). Her work has been commissioned by Arts Council Winnipeg (Canada), Arts Council England, Dance North West, Dance in Herts, Dancin’ Oxford, Manchester International Festival and Ludus Dance. Adesola has worked as a resident artist in a number of schools in London, New York and Winnipeg, and taught at the State University of New York, and the University of Manitoba (Canada).

 “The Jingle Dress” toured the UK in 2010. Photo by Barry Lewis.

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