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Inter-Mission presented new work by emerging choreographers who had a special relationship with a particular region of the UK. The project acted as a ‘stepping stone’ for new artists, many of whom have gone on to bigger and better things.

Birmingham 2004: Choreographers: Lola Adodo, Donald Edwards, Zeze Kolstad, Shaun Cope, Gail Parmel.


Swindon 2005: Choreographers : Bawren Tavaziva, Irven Lewis, Robert Hylton.


London 2006: Choreographers: Chrissie Adesina, Freddie Opuko Addaie, Temitope Ajose Cutting, Maria Ghoumrassi, Irven Lewis, Karensa Louis.


Bristol 2006: Choreographers: Laila Diallo, Russel Boodie, Annet Richard-Binns, Kwesi Johnson, Colin Poole, Bawren Tavaziva.


London 2008: Choreographers: Curtis James and Katie Pearson.

Photo of Deborah Baddoo by Tony Nandi.

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