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Let's Go Tokyo

With the kind support of the Sasakawa Foundation, State Of Emergency's  Deborah Baddoo and Steve Marshall are working in Tokyo.

Teaming up with Japan based dancers and choreographers, Irven Lewis and Masumi Endo, together they are on a mission to explore freedom through live improvisation.

25 local, and some not so local professional artists are involved and through dance, music, painting, photography and film, first steps are being taken towards a new UK-Japan venture. Please take a look at some of the photographs and films.


In this film, participating artists introduce themselves. Through our networks, and with the support of Japan based dancer/choreographer, Masumi Endo, a group of dancers, musicians and visual artists meet at Tokyo Steps Arts, Shinjuku, to discuss ideas for a collaborative project.

The session involves an introduction by Deborah Baddoo, followed by an exercise in which partipants help to devise a set of cards containing words that evoke concepts of freedom and restriction.

Tokyo 10 Artists to camera

Tokyo 10 Artists to camera

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State Of Emergency's lead artists, Deborah Baddoo and Steve Marshall form a group with Japan based dancers and choreographers Irven Lewis and Masumi Endo to demonstrate the improvisation concept.

The participating artists are arranged in groups of four or five, each group having its own musician.

"There are no mistakes.  There is no right way and no wrong way - only the ability to connect with a natural flow and inspiration." Steve Marshall