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2013 saw the launch of Love&Sex a.k.a. Per-Mission, a ground breaking initiative, targeted at young people, and incorporating a touring show and educational programme.

Love&Sex aka Per-Mission is 59 minutes of challenging “in your face” dance theatre, aimed at turning the concept of sex education on its head. The project examines the joys and perils of sexual behaviour and goes where other shows have feared to tread.

Featuring choreography by Colin Poole and Alesandra Seutin and an original soundtrack by Steve Marshall, Love&Sex a.k.a. Per-Mission is a State of Emergency production in partnership with Creative Youth Network and Station Arts Centre, Bristol; Z-Arts, Manchester; Brook Bristol and the University of Durham.

For the 2014 tour State of Emergency brought to the stage dancers Charlotte Baker, Audrey Rogero, Gerrard Martin, Vanessa Abreu, Sarah Golding and Connor Quill.

Photo of Gerrard Martin & Connor Quill by Brian Slater.

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