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Photo of L-R: Tshediso Kabulu, Nosiphiwo Samente, Tony Banyatsi & Akona Florian by Peter Japal.

Photo of L-R: Ratshepe 'Phresh' Makhene, Thapelo Kotlolo & Masumi Endo by Irven Lewis.

Where is Home?

Where did you come from? Where are you heading? Where is Home?

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Soweto, late 80s. A young man struggles against the security forces, confronts tribal tensions and deals with the death of his own mother. He falls in love with a girl from the wrong neighbourhood and together they decide to run away from home and everything they have ever known...

A new twist on a 1000 year old fable, presenting high energy music and dance from South Africa, mixed with contemporary and urban culture from the UK and USA. In essence, Where Is Home? is the story of a migrant who flees from a war zone and makes good in the world. It is a reflection on ideas of home and diaspora, and embraces themes common to all cultures.

Choreography is by Michael Joseph, Dumisani Ngubane and Bafana Solomon Matea. The score is by Steve Marshall and includes a collaboration with South African Grammy winner, Wouter Kellerman. Costumes are by Natacha Lacosse of Acossi Jeans New York. The process of creation involved R&D in London, Johannesburg and Los Angeles.

Over 300 dancers from all over Europe and Southern Africa applied to audition for Where Is Home? and the production continues to be a vital platform for numerous artists, including choreographers, dancers, musicians, designers and filmmakers. Alongside the performances, State of Emergency offers an educational/outreach package examining, through music and movement, themes of displacement, migration, identity and belonging.



"A breath of fresh air. Good to see a company who are not the usual suspects performing at Edinburgh Fringe." James Mackenzie, Artistic Director, ZOO Venues

“Truly, in the best possible way, it is a show that you watch with your heart and not your head. Thoughts are bypassed and it speaks straight to your soul” Katherine Alcock, The Prickle

"Where Is Home? is a brave exploration of togetherness, fellowship and love." Asterope Tia Chatzinikola, London Dance

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